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Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Cloud-Based Toolset

Content editors’ Value Propositions:

No major disruption of the current print workflow: WYSIWYG handling of ready for print publications
Extend the lifecycle of recently converted EPUB files: intuitive, cloud-based, reflowable and fixed-layout EPUB editor.
The outcome of any actions performed with the cloud-based toolsets fully complies with Readium technology and EPUB 3 eReader apps like iBooks.

Domain of applications:

The toolset allows our editors to rapidly and cost-efficiently create tablet-friendly publications. Nothing fancy, but effective and economic.


Offering augmented content to end-users

Level 1:

Augmenting the eBook with supplemental material and interactions.

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Level 2:

Personalising the eBook with adaptive learning layers. Layers that can be enabled or disabled by the user.

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Adpating textbooks to lecturer’s needs. This is where digital is proving its real learning value.
Fabrizio Crisafulli. Managing director at EdiSES (IT)

Publishers’ Value Propositions:

• Position the digital product very differently from the print book: justify its pricing.
• Mitigate the risk of content being illegally distributed
• Increase the dependence of professors and educators to your content

Domain of applications

Academic textbooks, STM publishing
Learning industry and further education
Technical literature

DELIVER EBOOKS, Offline, Online

Your Direct Delivery Channel

Publishers’ Value Propositions:

• Retain high profit margins. You know your audience. Sell your content without depending on other business models or technology.
• Content protection. Lock your content in a versatile, cross-platform ecosystem. Deliver your eBooks in smart, powerful apps that comply with EPUB 3 standard.
• Know more of your reader's behaviours. Monitor data and traffic.
• Deliver across any devices and operational systems. Offline and online.